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Siding Replacement

Looking for a re-side? Siding Vault is a James Hardie Preferred Contractor.

Bellingham and Ferndale Siding Contractors

#1 Premier Local Replacement Siding Contractor

We only work with the best. And when you do that, you know you’re getting renovation work done to a higher standard. From exterior design experts to electricians and artisan craftsmen, we firmly believe that our people make all of the difference, and we take the time to get the job done to a higher standard. At every step of the way, you’ll find our courtesy, professionalism and skill is evident in our approach.

If you are looking for a Bellingham siding company, don’t hesitate to contact Siding Vault. With a strong portfolio and an impeccable reputation, there’s no better choice for a Bellingham siding contractor near me than Siding Vault. Our distinct knowledge of home renovations in the Whatcom County gives us a competitive edge, not just in terms of pricing, but in the approach we take to ensure that we don’t just meet your expectations — we exceed them. Siding replacement is not only about installing new siding, it’s identifying and properly waterproofing pre-existing siding installation flaws. Let us be your specialized siding contractors.

Many builders in Whatcom County did not have a competent siding contractor install their exterior siding. Siding Vault has extensive experience re-siding local homes, primarily in Bellingham and Ferndale. Builders try to cut costs and install primed spruce (white wood), and Siding Vault is here to educate homeowners on why Hardie products will be a better choice for their home. HardiePlank® (commonly referred to as Hardie board), pairs seamlessly with HardieTrim®, as it is part of James Hardie’s engineered product ecosystem. White wood is prone to rot and calls for repairs, sometimes only a few years after replacement. Hardie will not rot, and is priced similarly to white wood. When installed properly, Hardie has proven to outlast their wooden equivalents consistently. Siding Vault is proud to be partnered with James Hardie, and has recieved the James Hardie Preferred® contractor status. Contact us today to learn more.

Full Service, One-Stop Shop Renovation Company

Siding Vault is a remodeling and construction firm that provides everything you need under one roof, from popular products to complete installation. Driven by a highly skilled and experienced construction team, our goal is to provide superior craftsmanship and trusted, professional service to every customer.

Service: Siding Vault is known for their niche siding replacement expertise. Siding Vault is partnered with James Hardie through their Contractor Alliance program, and is a James Hardie Preferred® contractor.

Experience: Our crew is very experienced in both residential and commercial siding installation; with some of our legacy members having over a decade of experience!

Warranties: 30-year limited warranty on Hardie Products. 15-year finish warranty on James Hardie pre-finished products, such as ColorPlus Technology®. Request more information to view our latest warranties on other products.

Reviews: Move forward with zero hesitation, view Siding Vault’s extensive positive review presence online. Give James Hardie a call, and ask about Siding Vault!

Locally Operated: Locally owned and operated, here in Ferndale and Bellingham Washington.

Bellingham's Preffered Siding Replacement and Installation Company.

Here’s why we stand out as the top choice for siding replacement in Bellingham and Ferndale, Washington.

Our unparalleled experience and expertise as a preferred siding contractor, no one possesses the knowledge and proficiency in siding replacement for Bellingham and Ferndale quite like we do. Bellingham boasts great scenery, but it can be unpredictable. That’s precisely why you require robust, long-lasting siding that can effectively shield your home while also enhancing its curb appeal. When you entrust Siding Vault with your Bellingham siding replacement project, you benefit from our extensive years of experience, ensuring the highest quality work at the most competitive rates.

We take pride in our extensive portfolio of diverse siding installations on various home types, which has equipped us with a broad spectrum of expertise in siding replacement tailored to your unique home requirements. Many homes we inspect often reveal hidden rot within their structures, a problem we promptly address. As an experienced siding installer, Siding Vault has undergone rot repair on many exterior renovation projects. Every project we undertake is approached as if it were our residence, guaranteeing top-tier siding replacement in Bellingham and Ferndale, conducted by true professionals who comprehend your housing exterior goals and appreciate the myriad benefits of the various siding products we offer.

Best Siding Contractors Near Me

Looking for the best siding contrators near you? Siding Vault has a team of niche siding contractors in Bellingham, and are your local Bellingham siding company. As Bellingham siding contractors, we are acustomed to the local market and are aware of the most common siding installation errors that are causing costly water penetrations and pre-mature siding failure. When selecting your Bellingham siding contractor, it’s important to consider if they are competent in not only replacing your siding, but doing it in such a way that resolves pre-existing issues. This is why Siding Vault became a James Hardie Preferred Contractor, which requires our crew to be fully educated in James Hardie’s proper siding installation procedure. To be the best siding company, the crew must continuously educate themselves and stay up-to-date on the siding industries products and installation standards - that’s what Siding Vault is all about.

Looking for a Bellingham Window Replacement Contractor?

Window replacement is often serviced simultaneously with siding replacement. Through this, Siding Vault offers window order placement and window installation! Get our replacement window installers to guide you through purchasing a variety of windows from reputable manufacturers such as Milgard, Ply Gem, Marvin, Anderson Windows, and Anlin Windows.

Siding Vault stands out in the home improvement industry with our specialized window replacement services. Renowned for our team of window replacement experts, we have mastered the intricate art of waterproofing. This expertise ensures that every window installation we undertake is impervious to wind drafts, inefficient heat regulation, and water leaks. Our commitment to quality and precision in ensuring airtight and secure windows makes Siding Vault a go-to choice for homeowners seeking to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their homes. Our team fequently repl With Siding Vault as your window replacement contractor, customers can expect not just a service, but an improvement of home comfort and energy efficiency.

Commercial and Multi-Family Siding Contractor.

Siding Vault excels in providing commercial and multi-family replacement siding services. We are widely recognized for our team of multifamily renovation experts, who have honed their skills in waterproofing to an exceptional level. This expertise is crucial in preventing premature building envelope failure, a common concern in larger structures. Siding Vault’s focus on ensuring robust, weather-resistant siding solutions makes us an invaluable partner for commercial and multi-family property owners. Our commitment to delivering durable and long-lasting siding not only enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal but also fortifies its structural integrity, safeguarding it against environmental elements. Whether you need a condo siding contractor, apartments siding contractor, or a commercial siding contractor, Siding Vault is your go-to team of siding pros. Siding Vault clients can trust in receiving top-tier service aimed at extending the lifespan and improving the resilience of their buildings.

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James Hardie Contractors Near Me

Looking for the best James Hardie Siding Contractor near Bellingham? Siding Vault prides themselves with receiving James Hardie Preferred Contractor placment. When you choose our James Hardie Siding installation team in Bellingham, you’re not just receiving one of the Pacific Northwest’s most popular sidings. You’re also gaining the assurance that your siding has been installed with the highest level of attention to detail and precision by a local James Hardie Siding contractor, ensuring its reliability for years ahead. This is especially important, as James Hardie’s warranty is voided if their siding and trim products are installed incorrectly. Siding Vault has gone through James Hardie’s extensive education modules and are fully educated on James Hardie’s installation procedures.

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